Clínica Bonanova de Cirurgia Ocular offers cutting-edge technology

Clínica Bonanova de Cirurgia Ocular

 offers cutting-edge technology

Over the past few years, Medicine and more specifically Ophthalmology, has developed by leaps and bounds. The development of new medical and surgical tools has provided a new minimally invasive surgery concept which has become an essential part of Clínica Bonanova de Cirurgia Ocular philosophy.

The center has at its disposal the latest diagnostic, surgical and therapeutic tools that benefit the patient in many ways.

Among this tools we can find RESCAN microscope from Zeiss, the finest surgical microscope in the world which incorporates the new OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) technology, facilitating the displaying of the different eye layers throughout interventions and allowing to determine surgery results immediately. This has helped to rank the center among the best ones in Spain.

Other advanced surgery systems used by Clínica Bonanova de Cirurgia Ocular include CALLISTO system, which makes surgical interventions safer and more comfortable by identifying corneal meridians or Wavelight Refractive Suite excimer and femtosecond laser platform from Alcon, designed to streamline refractive surgery by making it safer and transferring medical data by means of a computer network.